Working Papers

Capital Allocation and Firm Dynamics in Small Open Economies

Revisiting the Patent Advantage: Global Evidence on Firm Age, Size, and Productivity [Draft Coming Soon] [Slides]

with Federico Díez and Carolina Villegas-Sanchez

Investment Decisions and Capital Accumulation: Firm-Level Evidence from Brazil

Quantitative Easing as a Commitment Device in a Liquidity Trap [New Version Coming Soon, Current Version: October 2022]

with Tiago Berriel and Arthur Mendes

Work in Progress

Technology Space versus Product Market Space: Evidence from M&As

with Odhrain McCarthy

Publications (Pre-PhD)

A taxa de juros natural e a regra de Taylor no Brasil: 2003-2015 (The natural interest rate and the Taylor rule in Brazil: 2003-2015) 

Revista Brasileira de Economia 70 (2016): 399-417 (Published Version in Portuguese)

with Fernando de Holanda Barbosa and Igor Custódio João